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"Thank you for teaching me the violin.  I love you so much." - Joonsu 6
Put Ms. Modell's expertise to work for you. Her well rounded experience gives her an excellent foundation for cultivating new talent.  She treasures the opportunity to share with aspiring violinists her wealth of knowledge, gathered from her professional experience and from some of the greatest violin pedagoaues in the country. She is proud to have received the following recognition for her contributions to the community through violin teaching and performances in the Greater San Diego area.
"I love having violin lessons (especially with you). You are the kindest, nicest, and best teacher in the universe." Meilynn 10
"Thank you for being such a great violin teacher.  I've had three other teachers and you're the best out of the group." Luke 11
"Isn't music the most wonderful thing to share with people? Somewhere between the hour lessons turning into hour and a half lessons and making me realize it's all about Bach and not about me, you made the sharing possible for me tonight." Nick 17, following a performance of Bach's A minor Concerto with orchestra
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"We are very pleased with the progress Kelly has made since she started lessons with you. Your guidance has helped tremendously in her performances." - Julie (parent of 16 year old)
"It was truly one of THE best performances I have EVER heard - and I've heard quite a few!  Tiffany Modell is not just a fine violinist, she is an artist!  I was captivated by her music making the entire time." Warren Gref, Artistic Director Golden Valley Music Society

"Tiffany, you were incredible!  I didn't know such beautiful sound could come out of that instrument!   Wow!" John Drummond, President La Jolla Kiwanis 
Spreading the Joy of Violin
You are listening to a live performance by Tiffany Modell with the Candlelight Classics Ensemble 
playing Vivaldi's Autumn.  Ms. Modell  performed all the solos from the complete Four Seasons during this concert.

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