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Tools for High Achievement
Royal Conservatory of Music Development Program
Will occur weekly. 1 hour in length. At Ms. Modell’s discretion, very young students may be allowed 45 min lessons. The lesson structure will be: Technique, Ear-training/Theory/Complementary Piano, and Repertoire.
This is a comprehensive, internationally recognized graded course of music study with objective assessments twice a year in San Diego. The Modell Violin Studio uses the materials and syllabus from this course for all students. More information can be found at
Will be offered 2-3 times per year. 1 hour in length. $25 per participant. Topics may include and are not limited to: Scales & Arpeggios, Etudes, Conducting, Rhythm, and Technique.
Violin Class
Will be offered 2 times per year. Not to exceed 1 hour. Piano accompaniment is required to participate in the recital, unless an individual student's repertoire was written for solo violin. There will be no fee to play in the recital, but students are responsible for paying all accompanist fees.   
Below are tried and tested tools for helping a student discover and develop their individual musical gifts.
You are listening to a live performance by Tiffany Modell and Dr. Steven Grey of Beethoven's Allegro from his first Violin Sonata
The Modell Green Room
An interactive website exclusive to the students (and their parents) of Tiffany Modell.  This website offers useful tools such as: a practice log, learning materials, lesson notes from Ms. Modell, studio calendar, librarian, contact Ms. Modell, and more.  The Modell Green Room

Violin Lessons San Diego